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The jiu jitsu or jiu -jitsu , also known by the spellings jujutsu or ju -jitsu ( translation Jū , " softness " and " gentleness " and jutsu , "art" and “technique , Jiu jitsu is the art of war. It is a Japanese martial art that uses levers and pressures to overthrow, dominate and submit the opponent, traditionally without using traumatic blows, which were not very effective in the context in which the struggle was developed because warriors ( bushi ) wore armour .According to some historians Jiu jitsu or “gentle art ", was born in India and was practiced by Buddhist monks. Concerned with self- defence, these monks created techniques based upon principles of balance, the body joint system and levers, avoiding the use of force and weapons. With the expansion of Buddhism, Jiu Jitsu spread from Southeast Asia to China, finally arriving in Japan, where it developed and gained further popularity.In Japan, to differentiate the old jiu jitsu was used Judo term when Jigoro Kano developed a method sports gathering less dangerous techniques of jiu- jtsu. Ideograms Kanji Japanese Jiu Jitsu , can receive different pronunciations . In the case of " jiu " can pronounce "ju " and in the case of " jitsu " can pronounce " do " , therefore jujitsu, jiu jitsu and judo are possible translations for the same Japanese ideograms . So Kano just used a different pronunciation for the word old jiu jitsu, intending to call his "invention”.Mitsuyo Maeda Count Koma , was a student of the old jiu- jtsu and visit the Kodokan school finishing by ippon 8 black belts in sequence , becoming black belt ( 3dan ) at the Kodokan style we know today as judo.The Kodokan Judo is a strong style today, due to political connections of Jigoro Kano , but at first, the fighters Kosen style ( style focusing on Newaza , ground techniques ) were higher in the championships , making the rules were changed so that they were no longer allowed to use techniques on the floor.Maeda was asked to take judo for some parts of the world coming in the US and Brazil.

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