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Culture & Trend was created in January 2013 by two Brazilian sisters, Jessica and Juliane, that have been living in Italy for almost two years now.
The site was originally a blog, but now has started a new challenge: we have transformed Culture & Trend into an ONLINE MAGAZINE, because we wanted a larger space to express our ideas, talk about various subjects, (as we did before, but this time in a more professional and dynamic way) in order to reach more people.
We are lovers of the fashion world, Juliane graduated in Fashion Design and Jessica have been pursuing her passion for photography in both art and fashion.
Our passion goes beyond the creation of Outfit or new trends since the purpose of the site is much greater than that.
Culture & Trend also speaks of culture and sharing it (as the name already says), make-up, gourmet, travel, health and since we do not go often in Brazil, we have a section called: "Brazilian Connection", a place where our team from Brazil talk and bring Brazilian culture, cuisine, fashion and trends up to date. We also have our channel on YouTube...

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