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CLE&G was founded with the intention of creating jewellery and accessories in our own jeweller's workshop, crafted by hand and inspired by modern fashion trends.

The process begins with creation, where we can see the exquisite beauty, colour and brightness of the natural gems combine with innovative design.

Following on from this creative process, we have our assembly line, where skilled jewellers bring these design ideas to life, from canvas drawings to fine metals.

The work is done entirely by hand, from the melting of gold and silver alloys, to the stonesettingand final polishing. The artisan nature of our designs allows for an unmistakable beauty found in this handmade jewellery, crafted with full attention to detail. A sense of responsibility means our creative process is respectful of the environment, as we recycle various materials throughout.

CLE&G is custom-made, unique, and exclusive, bringing satisfaction and delight to the client who wears such elegant pieces of Brazilian artistry.

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