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Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 , in Gary ( Indiana - USA ) . It is the seventh in a family of nine children that the father will lead the music . In 1969 , he sang with his brothers in the Jackson Five is quickly becoming the affection of the public . This popularity allows it to proceed in parallel with the group , a solo career . If the first album by Michael Jackson leaves great memories , he met Quincy Jones in 1978 will be decisive for the rest of his career . The following year , the album " Off the Wall " marks the entry of Michael Jackson in the holy temple of the big sellers . " Off the Wall " will sell over 15 million copies and is a prelude to the amazing "Thriller " , which will explode all records since 1982 and ended more than EUR 100 million . The tubes " Billie Jean " , " Beat It " and "Thriller " , with its stunning clips provide more indisputable success of the album that will be assigned to the four corners of the world . In 1987 Michael released the album "Bad" , which also leads card with nine titles to be published in the single and almost as many tubes . The " Bad " album marks the end of close collaboration between Michael and Quincy Jones . However , the upcoming album Michael ( " Dangerous " in 1991 ) will bring together a beautiful success, but found no previous record of the artist. With " History - Past, Present and Future : Book 1 " in 1995 , a double album , " Blood On The Dance Floor " remix album in 1997 and " Invincible " in 2001 Michael Jackson is still one of the best worldwide .

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