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Due to its numerous facets, Rio is the Brazilian tourism capital. The wonderful city, located in the Southeast Region of Brazil, with 6 million inhabitants, in an area of 1,224.56 km2, coastal line with 246.22 km2 and green area of 325.6 km2, is the mosaic of enchantments scattered between the sea and the mountain. Rio is more than one, each day it creates solutions so to provide for all wishes and tastes.

Rio’s post card is the symbol of Brazil. Corcovado, with the Christ Redeemer was recent nominated as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World in an international contest. And there is also the Sugar-Loaf Hill, a pleasurable trip that reveals the entire city. The emblematic tourism points are numerous, but it is important to mention the Maracanã Stadium, largest temple of the five-time champion Brazilian soccer and Passarela do samba [Samba Catwalk], where the samba-schools parade, which also participate in the largest event of the city, carnival. And, the most recent one is City of Samba, built by the Mayor’s Office of Rio de Janeiro, in an area of 114 m2, in the port area, sheltering the samba factories, where the samba schools prepare their respective parades, which take place during carnival. The City of Samba is the synthesis of carnival, the whole year, given that it hosts daily spectacles, workshops and other attractions.

Rio was chosen after research carried out by the universities of Michigan and California, as the city with the most amiable people in the world. This is the biggest secret of the wonderful city, the carioca spirit, which turns all urban spaces into mosaics of different attractions. Rio mirrors the beaches, mountains, green areas, outdoor sports, and events such as New Year’s party réveillon, carnival and so many others. Rio is historic, cultural, daytime-oriented, and nightlife-oriented. It has many flavors. It is for all ages. Rio is like one of its symbols, the Christ Redeemer, with its arms wide opened to welcome its visitors.

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