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Orbital Channel TV

Orbital Channel Tv is an entertainment channel, arts, backstage tv, movies, news and ecology, aimed at young public, globalization, multicultural, international and Brazilian communities sympathetic to our lifestyle.

With a system for high technology developed for IPTV, will give the possibility to be assisted by international cable networks, cellular systems, satellite dishes, internet and other technologies.

Orbital has as one of its objectives show the lifestyle and everyday Brazilians formats realitys, breaking a bit of Brazilian folkloric stereotype already much explored.

The naturalness of their presenters and reporters is part of the brand’s Orbital Channel, which also has a core production and preparation comprised of recognized professionals in national and international markets.

Orbital will debut in more than 75 programs themselves on various topics, such as: Videos, Behind The Scenes, Teen, Celebrities, Ecology, Dance, Theater, Polls, Fashion, Beach and Diversity.


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