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About the blog author

The first text below is 2011, is one of the texts which earned me several threats Radio 93fm ( in the voice of Talkers, Singers, and Psychoanalyst, because of envy that they have other, although fitted with fortunes , public and goods, many of them stolen from others.
See all downloading these files, but mostly the PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, and "If Monique Moraes".

Disciple of Jesus, blood covenant with Jesus, Jesus property consisting master the word for Jesus.
I have lost nights of sleep in the place where everyone sleeps, already starved where everyone eats, since swallow indigestible words, have stayed silent when many in my place would scream, already broke when many objects would break bones, I've cried when many would kill, already suffered a lot of who all received treats, was once considered a sinner by people without shame in the face, because I felt revolted by years of injustice when I saw people do a lot worse in one day ...
I have lived hell where many lived a paradise ... These are 10 years of me ... And since pretended that truth is a lie, and the truth has cost me dear.
In all these things but I am more than a conqueror FOR ONE WHO LOVED ME ... For one who does EVERYTHING to the IMPOSSIBLE.
Without Jesus I am nothing.

Have I stopped eating for someone to repeat, already starved for someone to dress, I've cried tears of blood for someone to drink wine, have offered my Isaac for those who do not deserve, already said sorry to whom God has never forgiven, I've been betrayed by me who made false blandishments, I've been behind who I did not, I have been fully honest in the midst of self-serving and manipulative people, I've loved with all his strength who I knew deceived me ... that's me from my 14 years until TODAY, I never changed.


- The e-mail contact for any matter relating to the martial art, SIMFUJE project and author of the projects Roberts is
- You can send the author interest in food, which is the most useful at the time, you just get in touch with your e-mail to find out how to send.
- You can also provide the products author of gifts in exchange for having your ad published on your social networks (Facebook, blogger, twitter, Google+). Just get in touch.
- If you want to contribute money the account is: AGENCY: 0811 / BANK ACCOUNT: 15091-7. Only deposit if you are prestigiador or sincere supporter of the author.
- The author does not need alms emuladoras people, and will not return in the merciless act blessings, but curses without any gratitude.
- Sponsor the publication of new books and the production of the author's film projects (as opposed to these companies) as his manager.
- There are other ways to support the author such as: Purchase your books, oppose and boycott of companies that pursue and boycott the author cited by him.


- I am Roberts: The author has learned all alone, no books, no teachers and no internet.
- Since 2001 I dedicated myself to know and serve God, perfecting my character and my faith in him.
- I never received favors or benefits from anyone but helped me and shared with many people with what little they had to do without getting anything in return.
- Do not watched television until the year (2004) 2006, and lived with no other reading unless bible, by choice and faith.
- I've always been very careful about what I heard about God, even subject to the domain of what is deceptively speaks for God. That is, always identified that received from God the "Gift of Knowledge" in myself, and the ability to disagree and to understand God and the Bible for myself as well as discover the secrets of life.
- I have had many frustrating experiences in life after I met the Jesus Christ constantly until today: Famines, arrests, beatings, harassment, and many needs, ungrateful people, envy, etc., but it was through this that God gave me also the gift of Wisdom which has improved me with these experiences, keeping always dignified and uncontaminated my character any form of injustice, lies, betrayal, or dishonest act and profane against others always with respect and full confidence in God.
- For the years 2008-2009-2010 I built diveros writings that were the expression of what I dedicated myself since I was 15 years until 2001 (Martial Art), from the year 2004 just writing many things on the computer (novels) playing guitar and other instruments since 2001 (the manual instruments), and my constant devotion to read, pray, serve, and to understand God (the monographs and several writings of wisdom on various subjects). I thought I have not built anything under so many humiliations of people, and time lost under the pressure of envy of an evangelical church, God made me a Artist and Writer expert on various subjects that are unique, because they are my learned and created only with God.
- I just came to use the internet for the first time in life on 25 July 2007. I just came to have internet in fixed way home from the March-April 2011, and even after that day never dedicated myself to learn anything others to maintain unscathed the authenticity of my teachings noting the envy and interest to undo the Glory of God and my about my work.
- Since 2006 my life and my writings are the subject of much envy of people and businesses, and my work from 2009 to 2010. This persecution only increases due to greed malice and envy that are mired in these companies. Then I am a great prophet of these injustices, since the year 2011 presented by me in the form of various files and posts.
- Know the work of the author Jorge Rodrigues, and sponsor the author as opposed to those people and companies.

- I am Roberts: The author has learned almost everything alone, no books, no master, no internet for about 10 years.
- I did not have many things for a long time, I really hungry since 2003 to date in 2014.
- I do not learn anything from anyone, all I find myself. Everything I teach in my book and I speak in my writing is my full and exclusive authorship.
- Since 2007 I face the greatest conspiracy and persecution ever undertaken against a person against an author: The envy of those who harmed me (2004), enterprises of Grace Church (2007), MK Publicitá, Radio Melody (2008 -2010), non-evangelical radios attached to them that practice spy on computers and cartel (2010), and the companies Rede Globo, SBT, Rede TV, Band, Educational, Record (UCKG), several dangerous and deep-pocketed companies during all this time.


I dedicate all my written work and spoken to God and Jesus: The glory of this work, given to me for you personally, is about us, about anyone else.

To remind everyone that the author was and is the victim of envy and usury of criminal enterprises churches Radio 93fm (, Grace Church, Radio Melody (JuanRibe Pagliarin) Before the Throne, and other allies. Who with these people and companies have anywhere have no part with me or my work.

Also remember anyone to say my friend or ally, who has part with any of these companies, or with Monique Moraes (What is involved in thefts, crimes, and espionage against me since 2006) and the people who hurt me in Niteroi of Grace Church that was Doriel Lauro to the years 2001-2008, and even then did not have any part of me or my work, whoever. It has been said: It is a traitor, or is being used by them as a traitor to destroy and steal to me and to my work! Who keeps real friendship and integral with me is against all these people, and I have maintained friendship with anyone, not personally, or at a distance, and not to my friends and relatives devote or dedicate any authorization on everything that's my job.

I also have no part with companies Rede Globo, SBT, Band, Network TV, Record, Educational, and the Non-Evangelical Radios linked to them, or any other company or commercially institution that binds or follow the same tendency of these companies: nobody ever have authorized publication or guardianship of my work. And anyone who is against me or for whom has harmed me in your great wrong done to his curse.

My blessing is on my supporting me in my secret account and reserved within me, and never revealed by someone else, for nothing consider what else thinks about me or what I think of others. And always, those who are against my unique and honest work, my curse. On behalf of the Messiah Jesus. Amen.
For him I'm like him and his prophets.
((November 2014))

The divine purpose of the author's books Jorge Rodrigues and Curses

When God gave me the inspiration to publish these books he told me that it is about 3 purposes in these terms:

1 - Give me all this knowledge and making it known that God taught me, not from books, not from anyone but him alone all these teachings.
2 - Make money selling these books.
3 - Helping people to teachings that are unique worldwide.

These works were built after 10 years of many difficulties, written and produced for many difficulties. Thoroughly were published and formatted in an attempt to improve more and more shaping, and has been released with great dedication. As the author Jorge Rodrigues is creator of ALL THAT PRODUCES: From CREATION AND FORMAT until CASES AND DISCLOSURE OF DRAWINGS. All done with great honesty, sincerity and originality.

All my blogs, applications, channels, social networks, videos, posts, texts, and general websites are presented to God always with power to bless anyone of them participate in order to progress to me along with my work as the blessings of God and all that is mine, has the power to curse as all judgments of the Old Testament to the New Testament, the law of Moses and the prophets to Jesus Christ and the Apostles, with 4 large and inplacáveis curses, anyone of my work or me approach with the intent to damage, destroy, or to perform any type of fraud, emulation, plagiarism, theft, or any kind of plot against me and my work. Advise until skirt close to all that is mine, because at the same level that I dispense good to those used to dispense kindness to me exactly the opposite of those with this feeling came over to me or have me in your mind. This is the content of my curses always:
Jeremiah 9, 22, Exodus 22, 23, Isaiah 32, 33, 36, 37, Proverbs 6.16-19, 17.13-15, 21:13, 22:16, 22.22-23, 24.15-16, 26, Obadiah, Ezekiel 9, 2 Samuel 12, 1 Kings 21, 22, 2 Kings 9, 2 Samuel 3.
If always observe all this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Any other source of these books than in my official pages and indicated for me, is THEFT OF THESE COMPANIES (Grace Church, MK Publicitá (, Radio Melody, Before The Throne, Rede Globo, SBT, Band, Record, Education, Network TV, among many other companies of Radio Non-Evangelical and millions shops) SEARCH THE AUTHOR tO YOU PAY THE AMOUNT DUE tO ITS COPYRIGHT (

Has several free samples compiled for the general public, and the full versions are being sold at affordable price to all as the values proposed by the sites.

Even though it was a great 'mamata living selling books "(if not and someone says it's costing the lives of those who spoke in the name of Jesus), all this belongs to me and it's my job. If stole some company would already be.
That is, those who practice theft of my work will receive curses, will return quadrupled the value of what stole as divine punishment, and delapidou, all theft is paid with their lives in the name of Jesus and by the law of Moses and the prophets .
Thank you.

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